Smart-Up Project

The Terre del Cerrano Unico Office has joined the initiative of the European SMART-UP project which aims to spread the culture of savings and of energy efficiency. In particular, the project includes initiatives to reduce waste of electricity at home, too through information aimed at citizens on how to save electricity, habits and virtuous consumption behavior, on good practices of daily behavior in energy consumption and on the use of smart meters (Smart meters).

The SMART-UP project ( ) is part of the European Horizon2020 program and the Plan Action Plan for Sustainable Energy that the Municipal Administrations are putting in place following the signing of the Covenant of Mayors. SMART-UP actions are implemented in 5 European countries (Italy, France, Spain, England and Malta). In Italy, the promoter of the project is AISFOR, a training and research agency on issues aimed at promoting the development of the green economy, with particular attention to energy efficiency. SMART-UP is a social research project and has no commercial purposes and / or interests; citizens who wish to take advantage of this opportunities will be involved exclusively on a voluntary basis.

Membership of the initiative allows you to take advantage of the following free services:

  • analysis of domestic consumption based on data on electricity bills and the meter;
  • analysis of consumption behavior;
  • information and tools to monitor and gain awareness of their consumption (energy diary);
  • participation in a photographic competition in which the assignment of a voucher worth € 300 is required.

Participation in the SMART-UP social research does not involve any financial outlay and it is possible at any time to give up to participation.

The citizens benefiting from this opportunity are identified first of all among those who have requested the Social Bonus for supplies of electricity and / or natural gas.

More information on the initiative is available on the site and writing to