ESI - European Sweets Itineraries Project

The ESI - European Sweets Itineraries project started on 1 March 2016 and will last 12 months.

The youth and student travel sector is one of the most dynamic and high-growth markets in the world, and its strengths are the average journey duration, the quality of the spending on the local market and the aptitude to visit same places at other times in life.

The ESI project aims to develop 3 tourist packages focused on local confectionery productions of the countries involved and addressed to young people in the 17/19 age group who attend professional institutes in the field of tourism and catering. The itineraries will be oriented to a young audience so that they can also be exploited as tourist packages for school trips and extend the usability of the locations involved in the low season. Young tourists will be offered the opportunity to increase knowledge, experience and skills useful for their personal and professional growth.

The itineraries take place in three countries, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Young people will be coming from Latvia to experience the tours in order to perfect them for the final market.

The most promising of tourists in the emerging markets, as well as renewing the flows already in place thinking of a tourism product for young people.