Pioneers into Practice

The Municipality of Silvi has adhered as a host organization to the pioneers into Practice program. This is the program of Climate-KIC European professional mobility which aims to promote the development of new skills and the birth of innovative projects and effective in combating climate change.

Each year a selected group of experts from the most diverse disciplines is guided in a training course that aims to freeing creativity and new skills, in order to consolidate them into innovative projects.

The program combines theory and practice, professional growth and teamwork, regional priorities and European perspectives. During the program, each pioneer receives training on the issues of Transition and System Thinking, of new business models, of adaptation and mitigation to climate change, has a working experience abroad (4-6 weeks) in an organization candidate, collaborates in exercises and group work, builds a network of relationships and professional knowledge.

From 19 September the Polish architect Ewa Niedbalka will carry out his internship in the Terre del Cerrano!

Pioneers into Practice è un'opportunità unica di scambio professionale e networking in una rete europea di esperti e organizzazioni del settore pubblico, privato, della ricerca e no-profit impegnati nella lotta ai cambiamenti climatici.

Support and feed a new generation of low carbon innovators capable of understanding and managing the transition to a society a reduced carbon emissions; this is the ambitious goal of the Pioneers into Practice.

Videointerview to Ewa

Ewa's contribution to the completion of the cycle path along the Adriatic coast, the central stretch in the Municipality of Silvi

Part B-C

Part C-D'

Part C-D''

Part B-C with Sights

Part C-D' with Sights

Part C-D'' with Sights

The cycle and pedestrian path of the Abruzzo coast