BE:IN Inclusive participation, sharing of good practices and network actions

Key action 2 - Strategic partnerships for adult education - Cooperation on innovation and exchange of good practices.

7 European countries together to improve their strategies by comparing, training and exchanging experiences active citizenship and social inclusion with the coordination of the Local Democracy Service of the Municipality of Billére.

The city of Billère, the city of Gulbene (North-eastern Latvia), the Municipality of Silvi, the city of Histia (Greece), the Institute Cultural Association of Timisoara (Romania), The Association of Polish Urban Planners (Wroclaw - Poland), the city of Saillans (France) will share their strategies of civic participation to learn from each other the best methods to include the citizenship in public life, with particular regard to young people and environmental protection issues. Our administrators elected with the assistance of the Community Policies Office will participate in training meetings and study visits on innovations on participatory territorial governance, citizenship education and youth participation, participation of ethnic minorities, participatory budget.

Delegations from 6 countries will be at Silvi next January 2017 for a study session on local experiences. The focus of the seminar to be held in Silvi will be on participatory democracy and environmental protection.

Subsequent study visits (Duration 7 days) will be:

  • Gulbene, indicatively in April 2017 entitled "How to make youth participation possible";
  • Saillans, indicatively November 2017 entitled "Participation of citizens in the decision-making process of public policies";
  • Timisoara, indicatively March 2018 entitled "The participation of young people and minorities (migrants, Romani)".

Kick Off Meeting "Be : In" Monday October 24th Billère

Study Visit n° 1 Silvi 23-27 gennaio 2017

The first study session and exchange of good practices between the Be:In Project partners took place in Silvi from 23 to 27 January 2017.

Delegations from organizations and institutions of France, Greece were present at Silvi; Latvia, Poland, Romania. The days presented to foreign guests some realities present in the municipal area, from the Marine Protected Area to the Senior Citizens, passing for the Municipal Children's Council.

Agenda and presentations:
Campi naturando Wieruszka Sporys
Cerrano guides CETS_24-01
Civil laboratories TUP
Fabiano Aretusi
Graziano Aretusi
Gulbene Presentation
Prezentare generala IIT_EN_Silvi
Project Billere
Social Plan

Study Visit n° 2 Gulbene 24-28 aprile 2017

The activities of the BE: IN Project continue. Another session of study, work and exchange of good practices took place in Latvia, in Gulbene. The Municipality of Silvi also participated and studied the practices learned from other European municipalities for the involvement of young people in the life of the City. From the "Coffee with politicians", to volunteering as a means of social participation and formative recognition, the ideas to take home were really many.

Study Visit n° 3 Saillans 16-20 ottobre 2017

BE: IN continues in France in the City of Saillans, a town of 1,251 inhabitants that has experienced participatory democracy in a direct manner, when simple citizens, never elected before, have applied without political labels, nor leader, in municipal elections, with a program built during public meetings and participatory methods tested during the election campaign.
The election of this group of citizens has given rise to a new paradigm of governance, based on a charter of values ​​and a new one division of roles, in which the citizens decide the policies and the elected ones ensure their realization.
A unique experience for the representatives of the municipal administrations involved in the project, including the Municipality of Silvi.
Consult the material of the meeting:
Présentation de la démarche collégiale et participative, Mairie de Saillans
Summary balance sheet seminary Be:in