Cerrano Route

The Uffico Unico is promoting the Cerrano Route Project a path usable on foot, by bike and on horseback that symbolically, as well as substantially linking the territories of the Terre del Cerrano. To this end, he coordinated a Working Table with the AMP and Natural Reserve of Calanchi di Atri e undertakes to attend the institutional offices (regional, ministerial, community) where the active role of the institutions is recognized local administrations with the aim of ensuring their implementation.

The path, ride-rideable-walkable, as well as touching the most attractive landscape and naturalistic areas, allows users to discover through the use of slow mobility the historical peculiarities of the three non localized municipalities only in the urban context but also in the rural and marine context. This path that winds for a length of about 54km will have as added value is the presence of secondary rings that will hook onto the main path and allow visitors to visit and discover the most suggestive corners of the territory linked to the three territorial realities and the historical monuments of the three historical centers of Atri, Sivi and Mutignano. In particular, four rings will be created called:

  • Atri: L'anello di Adriano;
  • Silvi: La cinta del Castrum;
  • Pineto: A spasso tra Vulcani, Pini e Torri Costiere;
  • Pineto: Il porto di Hatria;

These paths also respond to the needs of territorial development and promotion as, thanks to the presence of numerous activities that are linked and that can be visited along the route whether they are linked to accommodation or to agricultural products, at the same time they will allow the user to make additional economies not only long in areas already developed but also in contexts internal territorial usually less known. The presence of agrosilvopastorali activities and small processing chains of the agricultural products will also enable the promotion of food and wine peculiarities within circuits that are different from those normally used paths.